Requirements for uploaded files

This manual is designed to help you with the preparation of the file. If you have special problems that are not described in this manual, please contact us. Please take seriously the requirements for the preparation of the file.

If your file does not meet these requirements, then we can not guarantee the correct color reproduction and high print quality.


- All objects must be in the CMYK color system.

- Resolution of raster images (eg photos) should be 300dpi.

- All texts should be translated into lines / curves.

Cutting line

Cutting line (2mm) is necessary for the finished printed products to be without white edges. Make sure that important elements (such as text, logo, etc.) are not closer than 6mm from the edge of the product, because they can be cut during cutting.

Color Specifications

The colors that you see on the screen may differ from the colors on the finished printed products. The perception of color is influenced by factors such as the type and settings of the monitor, as well as lighting. Many Pantone colors can change very much when converted to a CMYK color system.

Image resolution

For optimal print quality, the resolution of the bitmap images in the printed file must be 100-300dpi (dotperinch). The smaller the product, the larger the dpi should be. For example, when printing small-format products (up to A3 format) in order to achieve high print quality, the resolution should be 150-300dpi. For large format printing (starting with A2 format), you can use 100dpi or less.

We accept files only in the following formats: cdr (CorelDraw), psd (Photoshop), ai (AdobeIllustrator). The file must include all layers, which must be printed. If some layer is turned off, it is considered that it is not needed, and it is usually deleted.

NB! We are not responsible for the quality of already printed products, if the file provided contains spelling or grammatical errors and other inaccuracies.